Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Beaded work at Red Sky Gallery

Great News!

Red Sky Gallery in Charlotte is showing a collection of my beadwork! Click over and search for Janet Lasher on their search tab!

This collection of beaded brooches using large cabochons, Austrian crystals, semi-precious stones, and pearls.

Each piece is unique designed to accentuate the cabochon stone. These vary in size from about 2.5" to 4" across. I start with the special stone and a small collection of beads, crystals, pearls, and stones - beading a bezel around the stone to hold it firmly in place, and then begin to embellish the piece until it feels done. Then I finish up with a beaded picot edge and back with coordinating deer leather.

I love to work in this small scale playing with repetition and color. One bead at a time.

Natural Turquoise, coin & baroque pearls, Swarovski Crystals

Chinese Chalk Turquoise, coin, baroque and rice pearls, glass mirror, Swarovski crystals

Chystaphase, glass mirror, baroque & fancy pearls.

I am happy to expand the collection of brooches that started using small divine feminine faces- like this one I worked on this past fall.

I usually work on this type of embellished beadwork a few hours a day, so the series will continue. What fun to play with such small pieces of beauty.