Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Textural Beading E-workshop Update

I am currently teaching an e-workshop over on Joggles.com, it started last week and I think we have good and very talented group of artists participating.

This is the title photo of the samples included in this lesson.

I set off the document and instructions to Barbara at Joggles last night for the 2nd class for "Introduction to Textural Beading". This installment focuses on edge details - a great way to give any beaded piece a clean professional finish.

Since this is my first time doing an e-workshop I hope that the step-by-step photos give every one close to a face-to-face tutorial. Additionally, my choice of bead size and color should help decipher the stitch instructions. -janet

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back from Surface Design Conference

I have been out of town for a long time, but had a great time visiting with my friends in Kansas City at the Surface Design Conference. It was great and I had a wonderful time taking workshops, going to great talks and of course eating BBQ in KC.

I was lucky enough to be the assistant in Els van Baarle's batik workshop "Walking the Creative Path" I worked mostly on paper throughout the workshop and really liked some of the work. Here is a peek at one of the books I worked on while in the class.

I intended to make some record of how dye colors mix using wax resist and layers of color. So one side of the acordian book uses the "warm" family of colors and the opposite side uses "cool" primaries. I played with the wax and resists to make the covers. I will come back to working out dye color mixtures... with some documentation for reference.

I will do more playing in the studio with dyes on paper.

Back into the studio for 2 weeks!

Then I am headed up to Ohio to see the Quilt National 09 show - and for a week at QSDS with my friend Nancy Cook.