Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Textural Beading E-workshop Update

I am currently teaching an e-workshop over on Joggles.com, it started last week and I think we have good and very talented group of artists participating.

This is the title photo of the samples included in this lesson.

I set off the document and instructions to Barbara at Joggles last night for the 2nd class for "Introduction to Textural Beading". This installment focuses on edge details - a great way to give any beaded piece a clean professional finish.

Since this is my first time doing an e-workshop I hope that the step-by-step photos give every one close to a face-to-face tutorial. Additionally, my choice of bead size and color should help decipher the stitch instructions. -janet

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Bonnie Samuel said...

I'm enjoying this class, Janet. Learning a lot and the ideas for embellishing my work is percolating!