Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Printing and Pluto!

Well, I am back from QSDS and in the studio. Before I left I had printed up some shirts I am hoping to get some of them up on to etsy.com in the next week or so.

If you have ever been in my studio, you will know about the studio cat, Pluto. He is a great hunter and too friendly! He loves to be in the middle of what ever is happening - and is constantly and unceremoniously being tossed off the print tables onto the floor.

Lili, my studio assistant and indispensable right hand this summer was gracious enough to take some photos of the last day of studio alignment with Pluto - so enjoy!

In my next life..... Have a great summer!


Rosalie Cooke said...

Great designs Janet! I think you're hitting your stride with these shirts. And I love Pluto! I still remember you sexing Misha in my driveway and her not liking it one bit. Did Pluto cross the country with you or is he new? Keep up the good work! Rosalie

Plain Jane said...

I love pluto! My Buddy cat does the same thing.