Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rust Hunting!

Well, Last week my friend, Bev Nagy a gifted weaver and basketmaker, drove out into the country braving the 100 degree weather to a great "junkyard" in Mount Pleasant NC.

I was hunting for rusting items to stain some paper and fabrics and Bev needed some old bird cages - we were artists looking for inspiration and supplies. As usual, we had to collect piles in strategic places of the things we were thinking of buying... hoping that we would remember where we left our stashes, I think I missed a pile or two - I am sure that these items will be there the next time I get out there.

We had a great time slogging through dust, junk, great stuff, every imaginable thing you could want. I think we were also both very happy that we had gotten extra large cold drinks on the way there, it was really hot! I could hardly resist the porcelain glove molds.

As we trekked through the knee high grasses - Bev was sure that there were snakes just waiting for her we saw a wonderful wooden horse in the mix. Looking at the picture of it now - I might just go back there and bring him home.

It is so interesting to see all these artifacts - mixed up together - great items, strange items, and something for just about everyone - if you can brave the heat, snakes, bugs, spiders. Next time I am going to bring gloves.

I found some great iron pieces and wonderful rusted pieces. Here are some of the pieces in my new stash.
Who could wish for anything so wonderful! Very old junk, left out in the rain to get old and rusty - what a great find. I also got a great rusty fireplace screen - it should make some interesting stain patterning.

I need to go back there - with more cash and a large truck. I think there are some great wheel hubs and saw blades that are quietly calling my name. Some of the rusted pieces are now setting up in a tub doing their magic in the back of the studio.

I peeked in at the top of the pile - so far so good.

Stay tuned for updates.


Rayna said...

Looks like heaven to me! No such place exists in New Jersey - at least, not that I know about. Sigh... I would have taken those porcelain glove molds.

Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

oooh, I collect glove molds! Are you selling any?

Laura Ann said...

Our minds run on the same track! I have one of the porclein glove molds - would love to have the bunch you pictured, as well as the horse and the.......

Can't wait to see the fabric -=

Plain Jane said...

I wanna come on your next outing! (course, I live in San Diego, so it might raise the cost of those rusty bits, when I factor in airfare.) Saw your workshop on joggles (I teach there too) and went to your website, then here. Gorgeous work! I'd love to take a workshop from you, or maybe have you come to san diego to teach.
I'll be back!

Susan said...

I'll be traveling in the Charlotte area this fall. where is this wonderful salvage yard located?

janet lasher said...

This place is about an hour east(ish) of Charlotte in Mt. Pleasant. Don Cline's. Drive into town and ask - it is easy to find and the town is really not too big.