Friday, January 16, 2009

Studio Up-Grade for 2009

I have been busy these last few weeks doing some remodeling in my studio. If you haven't been to the studio - it is in a coach-house behind my home in Charlotte, NC. The upstairs has a ceiling line that follows the roof line and so it slants from the floor up to the peak on an angle, I was constantly hitting my head not to mention feeling really cramped.
This was an interesting project for me since I really have no experience using large miter and table saws - and of course designing in the field, caused many trips to the hardware store.

I am really excited about it - the greatest feature is a large photo-light table that can be used to expose photo emulsion screens. I don't feel like the available workspace is so confining. So I designed a table to run along the side of the space and finally got a large photographic light table and some flat file storage.

I am using some paper storage boxes on the shelving under the table to keep new and collage papers clean and sorted. This is an affordable solution for a "real flat" file that I hope works for me.

I most often work standing up, the table is a bit higher than counter-height but this allows me to work without any real leaning over - so less neck and lower back pain. I also like to use an L-shaped configuration for a worktable so this layout will be great. There is a lightweight cover for the glass that will protect it when I am not using the light features - making even more layout space.

I have to finish up the storage shelving, clean up, and plug in the iPod speakers - a good start for the new year!

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